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        1. Modified wollastonite powder

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          Our company can provide "modified acicular wollastonite powder to the broad masses of customers at home and abroad"
          The product is widely used in a variety of plastic products: such as glass steel products, poly Bing ene plastics, engineering plastics, nylon products such as rubber and plastic materials, can be very good to improve product strength, round curvature, increased resistance to pressure, its dosage is about 15-35%, depending on the other ingredients can, where appropriate, increase or decrease, filling "modified acicular wollastonite powder" products can not only increase the product's strength, but also can save resin, thereby reducing manufacturing cost, bring more benefits for enterprises.

          Modified acicular wollastonite powder can be divided into: modified superfine acicular wollastonite powder and modified acicular wollastonite powder.


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